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Sep 26, 2007


Janet Meiners

Welcome new blog! I don't see an "About" page so I'm curious who you are. Your writeup is so comprehensive. I really want to get a copy of some of the presentations, especially Elizabeth's.
Chad was one of the first people I met at an affiliate marketing conference (I think it was AdTech).
Too bad I didn't know about the early morning swimming party!
Also, I'm still grinning from seeing Jeremy and Scott hula.

Adam Viener


Welcome to Wiseaff. I haven't done an about us page yet, but it's me, Adam Viener from IMWave. Tony and I decided to set this up and start doing some posting here about affiliate marketing.

Glad you enjoyed the CJU write up and the jibjab hula dancers.




That video of Kerri and Jim is hysterical. The one of Scott and Jeremy is just plain disturbing!

Great write-up of CJU! I am interested to hear your views on search agencies working with search affiliates. It's a hot topic for me and I think it's going to be an ongoing one for the industry. I agree that more is more is better, but with all the players involved (especially Google and their frequent changes) I think it's going to be ever-evolving and tricky.

Thanks Adam!

Adam Viener


Thanks for visiting our new blog.

It's a tricky issue, typically we see agencies using tools to manage head terms that have a lot of traffic and high cost. These terms are often important for the merchant because they can drive a lot of volume and brand awareness.

Your typical affiliate isn't going to make any money on those terms. An good paid search affiliate is better at identifying a few hundred thousand tail terms and managing the large campaign to extend the merchant's reach into more places using their budgets.

I think people have used the single ad per display url issue in Google to create confusion in the marketplace and fear that a company's ads aren't going to display if affiliates are also marketing them in search.

The reality is that very few of the terms we market for our merchants overlap, and when they do, 9 times out of 10 the merchant is bidding more than us anyway and their ad trumps ours. We are looking to build on the non-overlapping terms.

There has also been some rumors about bid costs getting bid up by affiliates who use the company's display url, this is false, when we use the display url and are on the same term only one ad will show and the bid amounts for those terms are applied only against the ones that do show to determine how much is paid. If you force affiliates to alternate urls, that is when their ads will compete against yours, whether they are running the ads for you to a different url, or to your competitors.



"Although CJ did acknowledge this as an issue, they didn't do a very good job using this year's educational event, CJU, as a way to dispel these myths and agency misinformation."

Uuuh. That's cuz CJ is an agency themselves?

Adam Viener

Agreed, but they also make a good share of their revenues from top paid search affiliates, so they do have a lot to lose.


Mike Tabasso

Adam, great seeing you and Tony at CJU this year. I wish I had been able to attend the Search Myth Session at CJU as I would have loved to have joined the conversation. As you know, I'm a big proponent of what I'll call Complimentary Search by Affiliates. No merchant or agency can possibly cover the entire spectrum of searchable terms and not allowing Affiliates to "fill in the gaps" while using the show url is, in my opinion, short sighted.

Best of luck with the new blog!

Adam Viener


Thanks for dropping by, it was great to see you in Santa Barbara, it's always good to meet OPMs that really "get it". And I consider you among one of a small group that really do.

Now if we could just get more companies to listen to what you guys have to say!


Bob Land (AffiliateBob)

LOL. Great vids Adam! I've added them to Facebook. You've got me thinking now...maybe I should add my own secret CJU vids to YouTube. :)

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