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Jan 09, 2009



I think most of the sites using ExitJunction are content sites who get traffic from SEO, Google has no restrictions on regular SEO traffic and how can they? Its my site, its my traffic, its my right to make extra money from my traffic. The good thing about their ads is that they dont stop me from using regular banners, pop outs and kontera ads so its really a big bonus at the end of the month oh and btw my ecpm rate so far has been way above the cpms i get from banners, the only bad thing is that they only show exit ads for traffic coming from search engines but overall i think its a great idea...

Adam Viener

That is a great theory! and I agree if you have your own traffic and audience you are free to do what you want with it. If however you are relying on google and sine of the other search engines to provide this traffic to you, don't cry fowl when they decide that your site isn't as relevant and the traffic from them dries up. Afterall just as it is your site, it is their search engine and they don't owe you any rankings and don't have to list you.


Yeah I dont think google has any problems with it, otherwise major sites would be penalized. I think its more about us publishers deciding if we want these ads, like some sites say no to pop outs but cnn.com has them and doing just fine. Personally I will take extra income since in our days especially in 2009 cpm networks payouts are down by over 50% at least for me.

Adam Viener

good luck to you. Just don't be surprised when it happens.


It appears that you are reading the AdSense Program Policies incorrectly.

"Webpages containing AdSense code may not be loaded by any software that can trigger pop-ups, redirect users to unwanted websites, modify browser settings, or otherwise interfere with site navigation. It is your responsibility to ensure that no ad network or affiliate uses such methods to direct traffic to pages that contain your AdSense code."

Not that the prohibition is against displaying AdSense on pages receiving traffic via these methods, not sending traffic to these advertisers.

Dragone Shabula

The serpent was clever, more clever than any wild animal God had made. He spoke to the Woman: "Do I understand that God told you not to eat from any tree in the garden?"

The Woman said to the serpent, "Not at all. We can eat from the trees in the garden. It's only about the tree in the middle of the garden that God said, 'Don't eat from it; don't even touch it or you'll die.'"

And just what do you think loads the adsense code? Magical fairy dust ?

San Diego ppc services

Is there any way to prevent it and never let happen again?



...and to think i was actually, anxiously waiting for exit junctions approval email...

The Toiletflusher

I have blocked exitjunction as it hijacked my browser back button. If it behaves like malware, then down the toilet I shall send it.

Management Guy

I think the most "authoritative" reply to this question is found in this page:

Whew! I almost jumped into the exit junction fray. I'd have lost a great deal of my 3,000/day page impressions from google.

Ismael D. Tabije


Exitjunction will causeing your search engine traffic drop. Believe me.. it happen with my Image Search Engine.
Also it agains Google TOS about search back button.
So you better remove it from your website.

SEO Company

Don't know what is wrong what is rite but i know that every one has there own point of view and same goes to this one..

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