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Aug 25, 2008



Oh no-- was this me? haha.


No way Megan! You got things covered :)


YOUR Spelling is a BAD,DISGUSTING example of
an Affiliate Manager.

I would have you "CASTRATED" and HUNG out
to dry.....THEN sacked !!!

Blake K

Wow. This is a hilarious example of a VERY, VERY BAD AM. This is a reason to give out gold-plated awards to VERY BAD AMs every Christmas.


Whether they fully understand or not, I do not believe their inquiry is out of line. You could have selected a non-performing yet still showing long-tail keyword so they could run the example and you would not have hurt anything. The issue that arises when you want to reveal nothing is that AMs seem to assume the worst...day-parting, TM bidding, x-geo ads - even crap that is not possible, but they have made up in their minds.

I do know why you may want to protect your top KWs, but I am sure you could have found an example that did not cut your throat.

I must agree though for a $70 program, I would not have even had that long of a dialogue.

Tony Pantano

The first problem is exactly what you state..."that AMs seem to assume the worst." This business is all about relationships and when you start off the dialogue with that assumption you start off on the wrong foot.

The second problem is that you may understand the nature of the long tail but this AM clearly did not. Seeing Keywords wasn't going to tell them anything, especially if I picked one that non-performing. If they had wanted to see ad copy I could understand, but that's not what they asked for.

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