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May 01, 2008



Occasionally companies have rules in their program making an affiliate program more expensive than it would otherwise be.

At a large network I managed we recognized that we were paying the affiliates who had the last click even though our search team could prove they drove the sale. We were in essence paying for the new customer twice - once through search, Google, and once to the last affiliate.

We did not turn the program off - but we did alter the program substantially happily paying the affiliate when due but also crediting search where credit was due.

Many companies have rules in place that do similar things making the program appear less cost-effective than it really is. Affiliates are a golden channel and generally make sense to have in any marketing plan - with appropriate terms and conds.

Adam Viener

It has to be a win-win for everybody, and the whole "credit" issue of who was responsible for driving the sale is a huge long debate, everyone want's to claim credit for the sale, it's really a big problem that if left unchecked could undermine the perceived value of affiliates in general.

That would be a huge shame in my opinion.


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