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Feb 04, 2009


Matt Enders

Good post Adam. I see this at least on a monthly basis between all of the programs we manage. Most of the time, affiliate bidding violations on branded terms does turn out to be an honest mistake due to broad match. My advice is twofold:

For affiliates:
- Do as Adam recommends and implement a strong list of negative keywords. That alone can save you a good amount of headache down the road.
- Have a good working relationship with your affiliate managers. If the manager knows you, you will likely be given the benefit of the doubt if an issue such as this pops up.

For affiliate managers:
- Have a good working relationship with your affiliates, particularly the big players who are driving significant sales via PPC. If you know who your affiliates are and trust them, you can afford to give them the benefit of the doubt, as I said above.
- Don't jump the gun and send a nasty email to an affiliate who is in violation of your terms, even if you are catching heat from your superiors. It takes a long time to build good relationships, and only one stupid email to ruin those relationships.
- Invest in PPC monitoring software so you can proactively watch the bidding.
- Keep a log of violations. Giving the benefit of the doubt to a partner is great, but not keeping logs and possibly being taken advantage of is not okay.

It all comes down to relationships and knowing who you are working with. The SE's sometimes create issues that can easily be avoided, and never should have existed in the first place.

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